Monday, December 19, 2005

Viva Toussaint!

Mr. Toussaint, leader of the transit union, seems to be ready to take the entire workforce of the New York ,MTA on strike at midnight tonight. Drink up fellas because if get out of that bar after 12 you're walking!

Mayor Bloomberg, speaking on behalf of the city, continues to call the transit workers selfish for not giving into city demands that future employees pay co-pays with their health insurance. However, changes to the health system will only affect future workers, so claims that the current workforce is acting out of self-interest are totally lame.

Mr. Toussaint can be arrested for organizing the strike because the MTA strike violates the Talyor Act. His jail will undoubtedly minimal and will inspire strikers and catapult Toussaint into strike infamy.

Here at bluefishcanoe we’re hunkered down with bottled water and canned food—enough for 20 years of transit strike. (The delivery guys will still be working right? Because the food is stored at the Chinese takeout.) Anyway I’m ready. Strike away!

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