Monday, December 12, 2005

New-Old Sox

Even more bizarre than the rumor that Nomar may come back to the Sox is talk of Clemens coming back. Of course the Red Sox are one of the few teams that could pay their mammoth salaries--thus our not-so-subtle trick for keeping Manny in town may work on the former Sox...

But naturally my bias is against losing anyone from the second half of the 04 season, and taking on Clemens or Nomar would only push the fall 04 crew further away. Also I consider myself totally immune to Manny's disinclination towards Boston. Maybe I don't take it personally when Manny expresses dissatisfaction with Beantown because I'm from Worcester. Or maybe it's because he's a World Series MVP and our best hitter since Yaz. In either case Manny may take a big, old dump in front of Quincy Market, and I would simple walk around the excrement on my way to the Cheers replica bar or whatever horribleness they have on Faneuil Hall.

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