Sunday, December 11, 2005


Does anyone know how Google works? I’ve long felt that the secret and mysterious algorithm, which governs access cyber-knowledge is beyond my comprehension, but also I trusted its judgment. I hear it has something to do with the number of links to your site, not number of hits—hence the blogger etiquette of linking to sites that have linked to yours in hopes of cross-pollination. But that doesn’t explain which search topics will bring web surfers to your site. A quick examination of referrals to bluefishcanoe and a google experiment reveals that searching under blue fish canoe brings one nowhere near the site. Searching under Oil Can Boyd gets one no closer. However searching under Transvestite Academy puts you right on the door step of bluefishcanoe.

I guess I should put out a disclaimer: for all those looking for a/the Transvestite Academy, I have little to no information on such an institution. I support your lifestyle choice and quest for higher learning, but sadly I remain largely ignorant of reliable information on the subject. I do mention a ‘Transvestite Academy Awards Show’ in the 11/7 entry (who among us has not?), but I write sparsely on the subject after that. However, the news is not all bad. Fortunately the Internet abounds with resources on your pursuit. Just go back to google search and check out another link.


Anonymous said...

Dear Blue Fish Canoe,

I found this description of Google's technology particularly helpful.

Try adding birdseed to your posts and it may improve your page rank.


Bluefish Canoe said...

Thanks Anon