Thursday, December 15, 2005

A very girlie blog

If you are a dude, when you were a kid did you ever go into a friend’s older sister’s room? I grew up with one brother and few female friends, so accidental forays into female-dom occurred rarely; however I do remember one. A friend of mine and I were playing our usual game of lead paint eating or hammer fighting, and I recall hiding from further toxic exposure or bludgeoning behind a door at the end of the friend’s hall. The door was his sister’s and was kept closed. The sister was gone, and the room was foreign and implicitly forbidden. It smelled sweet and things that should have been drab colors like staplers and slippers were bright pink. I recall a pencil with a pink afro instead of an eraser. Blinded by sharp colors which had never before grazed my retina, and buzzed from lead related cerebral hemorrhaging (and/or hammer related hemorrhages), I fled the scene.

But now many years later (ok two years later), I had a blog induced flash back of the whole ordeal when I stumbled on Check it out and you too may relive gender role defining moments in your life. And then e-mail about how did this girl got the tracers of hearts to follow the mouse pointer?

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Anonymous said...

I told you don't go in my sisters room!!!! We are so having another hammer fight