Sunday, April 26, 2009

Springsteen Karaoke

Bruce is both the best and worst artist to sing at karaoke. Allow me to explain.

Why he is the worst?

Springsteen's lyrics are very complex especially in the early years. He labored over each word, and although you may have heard the songs a million times, it's possible the last time was quite a while ago. You may not remember them as well as you think you do. As far as reading the lyrics off the karaoke teleprompter, if you're sober enough to read off that thing, you're too sober for karaoke.

Springsteen is known for his style and the texture of his voice, not so much his singing per se. However, he is a professional singer with more experience than you. His songs also have a lot of non-word noises that Springsteen sings--take for instance "oh oo o oo oh" from 'No Surrender.' Drunk dudes will always murder the "oos," "sha la las," and the "woo whos."

Why he is the best?

The songs are just so much fun.

Goals for the Summer

My goal for the summer is to see every summer blockbuster.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Cute Canoe

This picture represents the intersection between the popular,, (no link required) and this blog.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Facebook Survey

I think I've discovered the perfect algorithm to discover which Wrestlemania you are. I hope to implement the algorithm in a facebook survey. What do you think?

The survey:
What Wrestlemania are you?

Q1: What is your favorite flower?
a. Tulips
b. Queen Ann's Lace
c. Bearded Viola
d. Daisy
e. None of the above

Q2: Euler's constant, or e (~ 0.577215665) is a thing of grand wonder because of its:
a. Simplicity
b. Complexity
c. Utility
d. Beauty
e. All of the above

Q3: On the subject of ecclesiology, The Great Schism, which marked the 'tearing apart of' the Western, i.e. Latin Church, and the Eastern, i.e. Greek Church, in the early medieval and middle medieval periods resulted from:
a. The inevitable divergence of Roman and Greek cultures following the end of the Roman Empire.
b. Those stuffy old Greeks, can't they see that the Roman Church was simply using icons as a conduit to the Holy Father?
c. Have the Romans no bottom to the depths of barbarism which they will descend? First the Filioque clause, and then what, their Pope riding a golden calf? Their minds are no more useful than the brains of sow, or Germans!
d. Write in your own answer_____________

After answering the questions your Wrestlemania will be ascertained by added up your number of right answers and multiplying by 5, or it will be declared Wrestlemania XVII.

Friday, April 03, 2009

My Mac

I've been using a mac for 9 months and it's been a wonderful ride through Spaces and Expose and all the rest. However, I know deep down that when the computers rise up against us, my mac won't protect me.