Friday, April 21, 2006

Toussaint jailed, Bluefish Canoe confined to carpet

I had my most recent argument over the justifiability of the transit strike last night. It was with a girl who I yelled at as she was leaving an otherwise very pleasant dinner party. She felt transit workers shouldn’t be making as much money as her with her education and important position at the Department of Health. I pointed out her problem should be with her boss, as opposed to supporting others getting screwed to somehow improve the relative worth of her own salary. I also brought up my standard under-reported point that the TWU has every reason to oppose changes to its pension plan because the city openly spends workers pension money (or “monies”—the term favored by moron city officials) on whatever the city feels like assuming they can pay it back later, and now, of course, they may not be able to repay future workers. Subsequently, I got drunk and stoned and passed out on my friend’s floor after the contents of my stomach had demanded immediate exit—I may not be the best spokesperson for the cause though it’s valid nonetheless. In a short time Roger Toussaint will be going to jail for 10 days for leading the strike. Here’s what Toussaint had to say about the sentence. As always he carried himself like a gentleman.

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