Thursday, April 06, 2006

Cheney Resignation Pool Rises Again

I can't tell if it's the new format or if this is just riotous news cycle, but the has been on fire today. The Tiktaalic (your welcome), bird flu in Scottish foul, new parts of the Bible discovered (Judas was cool?), and now Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff and right hand hack, testifies that Bush via Cheney okayed the leaking of classified information. Evidence directly linking Bush to the leak after all Bush’s pledges to sniff out the real leaker—what a day!

Bush has a way out though. Scooter testified that Cheney suggested to him that Bush gave a green light on leaking classified information; not that Bush contacted Scooter directly. Cheney and Bush can say that Cheney had misinformed Libby regarding permission from Bush. Thus Cheney takes some responsibility for the disgrace, Cheney steps down and joins Ollie North as hero of right wing psychopaths, and Greg K. wins the Cheney Resignation Pool. It’s not over yet but this is undoubtedly the perfectly cooked, medium rare, steak from Peter Luger with sides of creamed spinach and German potatoes of Cheney Resignation Pool tips.

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