Monday, April 24, 2006

New Swing

I’ve revamped my swing in the off season. I was having trouble getting the bat head around last year and I found myself sending a lot of balls into the opposite field without much power. My new approach is to shorten my swing and imagine myself chopping down on the ball (thanks to hitting coach Corn Chips and Pie). Hopefully, I’ll be able to pull some more pitches in the odd picnic softball game or backyard waffle ball game I may play in this summer.

1 comment:

dzusa said...

we both know that my swing is fashioned to generate "power" to right center, a certain home run in will vs. steve vs. matt soloperto (sp?) for-the-streetlight-in-our-driveway home run derby. dude, right center is where it's at for righties. manny.