Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Jammys

It's time. This Thursday is the sixth annual Jammy awards, an award show for Jam Bands. All the jammers will be there, including remaining members of the Dead, members of Phish, the String Cheese Incident, Moe, and some drummers from Africa displayed like museum exhibits. Remember, if you are at the show and anyone questions your dankness pause and then announce "the system is so fucked up, man... People are just going to revolt... Man… When the war breaks out I’ll be living in a cave in Colorado, strumming a homemade string instrument, and politely asking a bear poop if I can eat it [then bob your head knowingly agreeing with your own comment]."

In the tradition of this genre, the Jammies have been known to go from 8:00 to early in the morning. I would gladly dine on said bear poop rather than attend.

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