Friday, November 04, 2005

Stonewall part I

For a long time I've thought Stonewall was a good nickname--not for me, but a good nickname nonetheless. It's not often a nickname is bucolic and badass at the same time.

The first Stonewall one is likley to come across is confederate war hero Stonewall Jackson (1824 - 1863). Stonewall lived a miserable life typical of the 18th century historical figure. When he was 2 in 1826, his father and sister died of typhoid. Then, his mother died in child birth (1831) and brother of TB (1841). He married in 1853, but his wife died in 1854 along with his son the same year. His second wife lived till 1915, but their kid died. All Stonewall's beloved pets also perished prematurely. Stonewall acquired his nickname in the 1st battle of Manassas for bravely leading his troops in defense of an abominable, slave-based, economic system, outdated even for its time. All the death around Stonewall (and by Stonewall) culminated in his own death in 1863. Stonewall was accidentally shot and killed by his own troops during the battle of Chacellorsville. Oddly Stonewall Jackson is both bucolic and badass although his bloody fight for slavery prevents him from being a net plus to the nickname.

Next Stonewall to be featured: Stonewall the gay bar.


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what about the nickname boom boom...

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