Tuesday, October 25, 2005

One leap for you

I’m glad you’re joining me on my first, shaky steps in the blogosphere. I’m finding it to be a bit of a disappointment. It took virtually no time to acclimatize to my new surrounding. I have experienced no dizziness or shortness of breath, no snow squalls followed by tee-shirt weather and skiing, and baseballs (well wiffle balls) travel no further in the blogosphere than they do in the regular atmosphere.

I will press on with my disclaimer at approximately the same weight I had in the atmosphere. The disclaimer: when you see the real flesh and bones me, he will assume you have no knowledge of this blog. This is to avoid awkward conversations like:

you: Cheney’s in trouble now ehh?
me: Ya, I wrote about it on my blog.
you: I’d say Cheney’s going to be out by Spring.
me: Hey I predict that on my blog. Do you mean to tell me that you haven’t been reading my blog! [Followed by tears, and an exchange of blows that look more like open hand slaps.]

Now that we’ve dispensed with the formalities, on to my first political prediction: Dick Cheney resigns by Spring due to "health problems" though everyone knows it's because he's taking too much heat from Plame, Bush, Iraq etc. The VP-ship becomes the least attractive political position in the US as association with the current administration becomes a scarlet letter. The Vice Presidency gets outsourced to Bangalore and we are all shamed by the new VP’s mustache. However our South Asian Veep has surprising charisma, and popularizes the man-skirt.

More to come.

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Cuddles, the Friendly Bassinet said...

As long as I can avoid slap-fighting with you, I'm happy.