Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Blue Fish Who?

Many people have been contacting the blog asking where the name "Blue Fish Canoe" originated. The nom de plum and blog title (for some reason I thought they should be the same) come from how my uncle, brother, and I would fish for blue fish in my youth. The blue fish has excellent hearing and would be scared away by a motorboat, so we'd cast off a small canoe. When we caught one, we'd bring the beast aboard the canoe and a battle royal between fish and fishermen would ensue. Although they can be found close to shore in northern New England (where we were), the blue fish is a 20-inch long sea bastard. I once inspected a blue fish mouth before he/she went in the frying pan, and concluded her/his teeth could bite off a finger like a virgin Mach3 razor blade slicing through a high school boy's stubble.

I intend to blog with the same death or glory approach with which I fish.

Up next: a discussion of nicknames from Scooter Libby (the worst) to Oil Can Boyd (the best).

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dzusa said...

"my brother" that's me. yeah, we had to be stealthy to catch those dudes. 'course once we got them in the canoe our cover was broken by the repeated oar to head maneuvers... booya is right.