Thursday, July 06, 2006

On World Cup Sterotyping

It seems too easy to describe a national team’s style in the World Cup as similar to the stereotype of that nation as a whole. But after watching Germany v. Italy the other day it's hard to comment on either team without acknowledging Germany played a highly controlled match with each player working in a well defined role, and Italy took a more risky approach exhibiting both flare and passion. Why haven't those who try endlessly to market this game (call it whatever you like: I don't intend to weigh in on the soccer v. football debate) in the United States picked up on this adherence to national rep as a gimmick? I'd watch EU delegates discuss French farm subsidies if I could be guaranteed a drunk Irishman or a sexy but unattainable Spanish chick. Throw in a Frenchman with a burette and a Russian mobster and we have and HBO original series.

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