Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Never dis a bald Frenchman

What did Marco Materazzi, the Italian soccer player, say to French great, Zinedine Zidane, to instigate the infamous assault on the Italian defenseman? Who knows, but the blogosphere is brimming with apocryphal speculation. Did Materazzi call the French son of Algerian immigrants a terrorist? Materazzi denies using such slander claiming he is too ignorant to come up with the word: terrorist. (On the other hand, one might argue that ignorance might be a perfect avenue for racially charged name calling.) Did Materazzi call Zidane’s mother a whore? Did Materazzi call Zidane’s whore his mother (an even more head butt-able offense)? Did Materazzi insult Zidane’s favorite blog: www.bluefishcanoe.blogspot.com? Don’t worry my friend; no FIFA investigation can pry your secret from me…

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