Saturday, January 28, 2006

Great moments in keyboard shortcuts: Function F4

I arrived at an epidemiology seminar 5 minutes early yesterday. Some have suggested that epidemiology lies in a void between hard sciences like physics or molecular biology and social sciences such as economics—many have insinuated that this void could be aptly named the pseudo sciences. Maybe it is because of this dubious reputation that we, as a rule, arrive in mass to Friday seminars 5 minutes late. (This rule had temporary slipped my mind boding poorly for my future in the field.) Thus I was stuck in a room that was empty except for the scheduled speaker. Senior epidemiologist do not mix well with those whom they have no formal professional connection, and I mix poorly with strangers without beer; so instead of using this opportunity to network with a leader in the field, I embarked on an inane conversation about the dearth of A-V equipment for the presentation in the room. This led to me offering my laptop to the presenter for purposes of showing his slides during the presentation. We attached a projector and as usual (another Friday Epi tradition) the laptop could not connect with the projector. For the few seconds that follows it looked like the presentation may end in disaster: sins slides. In the mean time all the epidemiologist arrived and Dr. S. suggested I hit “function” “F4” to remedy the laptop-projector problem. I tried this miraculous shortcut and the presentation was saved! Thank you Dr. S. You are so cool. I regard savvy with keyboard shortcuts as a sign of ones intellectual prowess, sort of a Microsoft equivalent of a large vocabulary.

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