Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I'm studying for an oral exam tomorrow, but I would like to make some points. Firstly, I will reiterate my love for the Worcester T&G sports writers and my distaste for the leaches at the Boston Globe.

But the T&G is more than just a resource for sports. The Worcester T&G owns the url: www.telegram.com which is commendable in its own right. Moreover, the T&G has the most telling web page nesting structure known to man. From the left, its main subcategories are, "home," "news," (a category regarded as non-redundant), "local," and then "deaths." As a subcategory within deaths we have my favorite section other than sports, the court records section. The court records have a special place as Worcester's answer to facebook. It appears members of the Campos clan have been in trouble--a youth for driving without a license, and a Campos in his prime on an assault and battery charge.

For reasons that are unclear, as another subcategory within deaths, we find World News.


Anonymous said...

I guess Michael Jackson's death would be an example of a World News Death.

Bluefish Canoe said...

Good call!