Friday, May 15, 2009

Well Called!

This winter I picked up basketball and became a three sport athlete (fantasy). One thing I find about succumbing to obsession over my fantasy sports teams on a year round basis is that I think more about predicting things in everyday life. Moreover I notice that I've started taking to gloating in a PTI-esque, which is to say an obnoxious, fashion after making correct calls. For instance two days ago some friends and I were talking about how the Smoked Salmon has to take all these extraordinary precautions because she is pregnant. Another friend of ours who was in the state of pre-drunken euphoria, that most people I know consider to be a great reason to continue their pitiful human existences, butted into the conversation. Knowing that this woman is an expert on female rights issues and health in the developing world, I 'called' that she was going to make a point about Americans being too uptight about pregnancy and too uptight in general... Turns out I was right and I raised my arms in glorious celebration like a quarterback down by 6 completing a third and twenty with a forty yard pass with under 5 minutes to go in the fourth.

Oddly, no one joined me in my celebration.

Could it be that making the right call in polite conversation and celebrating like a jackass is not socially acceptable in mixed company? Could this phenomena be one of the reasons that people in finance are so unbearable?


dzusa said...

a bunch of people around me are preggers and i've been repeatedly exposed to that oft-european opinion (that americans are wusses about their pregnancies). what is that?

dudes, that chicken paddy in there is as close as a raison d'etre for your own sorry ass that you're gonna get.

Bluefish Canoe said...

I knew someone was going to write that!