Tuesday, March 31, 2009

BFC films

We at BFC-blog have an idea for a film that we are pitching to our subsidiary, BFC-films. It's going to be videos of people doing things they're really good at blind folded. The fun will be, not they're stumbling around, but the natural fluidity of their movements despite the contrived impairment. The possibility of the subject not completing the task will add a natural arch to the narrative in the artificial way underdog sports teams work in Will Farrell movies.

Film 1 in the series will be my uncle fishing with this friend MH. The film will chronicle their day from their morning eye-opener joint, through mid morning beers, to a successful afternoon fish catch. I look forward to their unencumbered, yet blindfolded banter. Film 2: RH fixes a moped and/or rides a snowboard while blindfolded. Film 4: my father in-law goes to a restaurant and has a fight with a waiter while blindfolded. Film 5: my uncle and MH go hunting.

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