Sunday, December 07, 2008

Hayes Carll Show

The Hayes Carll Show last night was sublime. I didn't even mind that he repeated songs from the first set in the second set, botch a song because of the arses trying to mosh in front of me, and that Union Hall in a characteristically dickish move made me and the two other super fans who attended both sets buy separate tickets for each set (by nights end I managed to purchase 4 tickets to one show--all for a good cause). From his witty between song banter to his mocking a drunk guy dancing ("its takes years for some people to get to that level... I can't dance either, well, no need to elaborate on that"), to his live show intensity and perfect rendering of his songs both new and old, that is, first album, second and third, Hayes was awesome!


Anonymous said...

Don't blame Union Hall, blame Hayes' booking agent. They were two separate shows, by design.

Bluefish Canoe said...

Look a commenter who is not related to me or me using a fake identity.

dzusa said...