Friday, November 28, 2008

Price of Lobsters

The price of Maine lobsters has dropped precipitously. According to Big Steve, when the Icelandic banks failed, the lobster processing plants in Canada got in trouble, and somehow the price of lobsters went through the floor. Thus lobster is cheap, and we should buy them because it will help the lobster market, and because they taste good and are... cheap.

Will this economic crisis show no mercy? When will it abate?

Big Steve is weathering the crisis well. Indeed, he killed a deer with his 308 in his backyard yesterday and is ecstatically happy.


dzusa said...

i killed a dear with my 808 booya bass!

dzusa said...

also i am not sure i understand the role of the processing plant. if they "got in trouble" wouldn't that lead to less lobster and an increase in the price?

Bluefish Canoe said...

Economics is very complicated. There were poorly priced futures in lobster, there was lobster stagflation and lobster growth on paper but paper only, there was the old unsterilized growth of foreign exchange reserves in lobsters. I don't have time to explain the whole thing.

Bluefish Canoe said...
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