Friday, June 16, 2006

Out in the Woods

A gay male couple, P&D, moved to a farmhouse near my uncle in Maine. As this is a country fishing town, there was some apprehension as to how the gay couple would get along with the natives—the gay couple standing out for two reason: 1) their lifestyle, rare though not unheard of in the area, and 2) because of their status as “from away” (i.e. hailing from any town other than this town).

I am pleased to report this experimentation in modern, tolerant living in rural America has gone well. For example, recently hounds were harassing P&D’s sheep. P was cooking a crème brulèe and D, a chicken marsala. D was so enraged by the hound’s insolence (but unfortunately sans shotgun) that he charged out of the kitchen to confront the dogs. Finding the chicken marsala still in his hand, he flung the marsala at the K-9 rapscallions. Finely cooked fowl may not be the fiercest of weapons, but the hounds devoured it, distracting the dogs from the sheep and sparing the sheep further distress.

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